Sunday, June 20, 2010

I have a new crush! Cupcakes!

I've found and fell in love with a new blog. Kimberly at Attempting Creative is a genius in everything she does. Cooking, crafting, sewing...heck even at being just plain adorable! She may not know me from the other 100+ followers she has, but I am now consider myself loyal. Kinda like a kid asking over and over "are we there yet?" I find myself checking her blog throughout the week wondering when the next post will come! Maybe i'm a bit of a blog stalker? First step is admitting it...right?

So go check her out. She's got a Cupcake Carnival with oodles and gobs of good receipes and amzing photos to get your mouth watering and sweet tooth begging for mercy! Click on the button below!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Graduation party decorations

I was asked about a month ago to help with and make decorations for a friend's daughter's High School Graduation party! I am so excited to help! So after putting together some ideas, it was decided to go with pinwheels for decorations on the tables and as cupcake toppers! School colors are red and black and Ally (the graduate) wanted to throw in some bright pink as well! At first I was worried at how the three colors would come together...however, after my first trip to Hobby Lobby to grab paper for the projects, I was S.O.L.D!

I made 30 pinwheels for the table tops, spray painted soup cans filled with play sand. I put the pinwheels on small dowels painted white and called it done! It was a lot of time spent cutting, punching, taping and painting. But all in all, it was very easy and very inexpensive! Easy enough to do infront of the tv! lol. My kind of craft!

I also crafted a penant banner spelling out Congratulations in the same paper colors and sewn directly to a ribbon. This was hanging on front of the food bar. I'm having a hard time getting a good picture of it. This was the best I got. But let me tell you! It was soooo cute!

The cupcake toppers are a mix of pinwheels and some cut outs I made. Of course the foil cupcake wrappers put a little "bling" on the plates as well!

Now...onto the next paper crafting project for a friends benefit!