Monday, March 15, 2010

Backyard Mysteries

This week is literally the first time we've seen grass at this house! Exciting!

So with the new house, comes a new back yard! Of course a new backyard means unknown discoveries. The thrill of seeing whats coming up and the mystery of what it will be! So here are my findings. If you have ideas of what they may or may not be! Please share your knowledge.

This little thing as a 4-leaf clover look to it. Stems are purple, as well as the sprouts that are coming up also!

I have a feeling that this yard will get A LOT if mostly shade once the trees leaf out. We bought the house the end of November and all the leaves were off the trees, but about 1 foot deep in the yard instead! I will be a newbie to shade gardening! But loooooove the idea! We've only ever been where it was full sun with absolutely no shade at all!

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gemini said...

Great pictures here...thanks for sharing. The wonders of nature.