Monday, March 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Becca!

Becca turns 4 Years old on Tuesday! I can't believe it. She has grown into the most adorable, polite and hilariously funny little girl I have ever known. She is tender hearted, compassionate and most times honest (unless of course I ask her how this juice box got behind her bed, behind the tv, under her pillow, in the closet or in the storage room in the basement. Yoda would be heard saying..." Sneaky, you can be! "

But so anyway. We celebrated with family and very close friends that we consider family on Sunday with a small gathering at our house! I love that we have enough space to do so! We had a Candy Land theme that was so much fun, and really, very easy to do!

My favorite of all? The "game pieces" that we made for cupcake toppers. Ask anyone, we're very proud of them! But I can not take credit! I found them at Hobby Lobby, and within days handed them off to my Mom to paint. I was running out of time and energy to do them on my own, and she was more than happy to help! Thanks Mom! I truly think these made the party!

These are simply craft sticks..but large ones, like tongue depressor size. But they had little paper doll/gingerbread shapes on one end! I sent home craft paints in the primary colors like the game pieces in the Candy Land game, and she finished them up! The faces are drawn with a fine tip Sharpie and the "frosting" was dabbed on with white glue. The bottom portion we left unfinished, as they would be in the cupcakes, and the craft paint was not food safe. Mom did do a clear coat of ModPodge just to give it a finished look and a little shine. Adorable! Here they are in the cupcakes.

We had extras, so I immediately put 4 aside for her Scrapbook. Can't wait to get that page done! That will be fun also! There were 8 more that we put outside in the snow, leading the way up the sidewalk to the front door. Theme starts outside...right?

The rest of the decorations, literally, was CANDY! About $30 worth (that is being not so truthful!) I filled all the clear glass jars, vases and dishes I could find with Jelly Beans, Sixlets, Smarties, Licorice, Starlight Mints, Orange Slices and Red Hots. I also used a couple movie theater boxes of candy to display around. I found some VERY LARGE lolipops at the Dollar Tree and stuck them in some foam as flowers.

I did find some easter eggs at Hobby Lobby that were actually shaped like Jelly Beans, so I filled a glass container with those also. On top of the hutch (which my awesomely talented wood working genious Dad built) is a set of gift boxes that came nested together in all kinds of colors! I simply wrapped them in clear cellophane to make them look like hard candies. All of those (14 all together) was only $9.99 ! Awesome! I will be reusing them for storage in my craft room (if that ever gets organized and finished painted! Gotta heal first)

Tim decided (I'm giving him credit only because he "thought this up" when actually, I forgot to bring it out in the hurry of things) to display the Candy Land box, game board and cards on the table to bring it all together. It was fun!

Becca said during her party...totally unprompted "This is the greatest party EVER".

Mission accomplished.
Until next year.

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Kristi said...

Wow, Missy you did great!!! I really think you could market yourself to do this for others. ever thought of that?