Thursday, July 29, 2010

God has spoken!

So let me just say that I've missed blogging soooo bad! But I've been crazy busy being creative and working my fingers to the bones doing some party decorations for my best girl Lori's Breast Cancer Benefit this coming Saturday. I've had.a.blast. creating the "Support Lori" theme. I'll share more on the theme and decorations that I've created with some great help from my friend Aubrey! I'll post pictures after the event, but I'll give ya a sneek peek with this...

Along with this, I've been asked to help with decorations and styling my cousin Katie's wedding and reception. She had some great ideas, colors and sense of style already in mind, so we reached into the corners of our sightly crazy brains and came up with the perfect combination of simple and handmade. Loving every second of this process and am so honored to be asked to help.

3rd on this list is a baby shower I have coming up in October that I simply cannot wait for! I can barely contain myself! My previous mentioned super friend Aubrey & her husband Eric are expecting their first long awaited little bundle and I'm so excited to celebrate this baby with an Enchanted Forest shower theme! I have a close full of props and decor already. hmmm with 2 months to go...I'm liable to go a bit over board! But whooooo cares? I'm loving it and can't wait to style this party!

So...if you can't tell, I'm extremely pumped about all the creating and partying I'm gonna be doing very soon! So much so, I have been contemplating the market for such a service. Not so much a party planner. I don't want to plan a whole know, location, food, entertainment, etc. I don't want that....but I want to decorate and theme your party! But its all about class. Style. Thats it...I want to style your party! Make it fabulous and memorable!

But I've had my serious doubts about just how far I could go with this. How far do I WANT to go with this? I've been very prayerful about it, talked to my family about it and have left it in God's hands to bring the need to me, or show me the path.

So thats where the title of this post comes from.
Last Sunday after church, a young man came up to me. I've never seen him before, and found out later he was with a youth group from Aurora, Il. So this young man said to me that he believed he had a phrophetic word for me. Now...for those of you that may not have ever experienced this, seen it happen or maybe don't understand it...Don't be affraid of it. It is simply amazing to hear God's heart spill out in words from a another believer.

So he says to me, " I'm seeing you standing in front of a huge blank canvas...and God told me that he has put a paint brush in each of your hands. He sees you painting like crazy, but he wants you to know that he has not yet provided all the colors yet. There is more to come, but he wants you to push on with what you are doing". Insert me bawling and snotting all over myself at this point.. Simply amazing. He was right on, it filled my heart with confidence and took away any doubt I had about moving forward knowing that God sees what I'm doing and hears my prayers, and will provide for me.

So here it is...

I've created a Facebook page for MissMatched & Marvelous Party Styling, along with some of my styled event pictures!

I may post some teasers now and again, but I will never post a clients full spread until after their event. But let me tell you! I get sooo excited while creating, its hard not to share right away!

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