Sunday, August 29, 2010

WOW! Its been forever since I've been on and made my announcement! I think it be very possible that I've lost any followers that I may have had in the first place. But I promise to post more updates. They may not be lengthy, but they will be there! Sneak peaks of what I'm working on and then the final reveal of the events I've styled!

So my goodness! Here are some shots of the Benefit I did for one of my besties, Lori Gerst. I apologize for the pictures. It was hard to capture anything without old orange knotty pine paneling or hunting/fishing themed decor in the background from the Isaak Walton League we had the party at.

Here is the outside of the event. We strung up bras to go with the "Supporting Lori" theme we had going!

The table tops had vases with pink or multicolored daisies and a "bra". Extra bras were scattered on the tables for added color and personality.

Another bestie helped by making a "Cancer Sucks" sucker tree, to add to the bake sale table.

We had many compliments on the idea, however, not many suckers sold. Shoot. Good idea, better luck next time though, huh?

Another swag of support for Lori!

On to a birthday party and wedding! Posting pictures this next week!

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