Monday, November 30, 2009

We're in!

We're sooooo happy to be in our new home. Thanks to all the help we got from family and friends! You were all super great and we appreciate each of you very much!

All the important stuff that we use day to day is out of boxes and put away. Not saying its where it will remain...but at least I was able to empty 21 totes so far! And I've sold just that many also! Made some friends a deal and got rid of some of them. The rest I think I plan on keeping, cause who doesn't need totes? Right?

I'm anxious for the furniture to get here so I can start to decorate! Its driving me bonkers! Most of my pretties have been put away since putting the house on the market. I'm dying to get some of it back out! Basement family room furniture is ESTIMATED to be here the week of Christmast...I'm not expecting it then though. Not getting my hopes up. I just ordered my blue couch today, and its estimated arrival will be after January 1st. Thats ok, we have stuff to live on until then. I'm just antsy!

We walked away with more $ than expected after both closings, so we're spending it! On the furniture of course. But since we needed to replace the dishwasher that was here, we decided to splurge a bit and get ALL new stainless steel appliances. Dishwasher is coming tomorrow and the rest should be here next week! Not often you can go out and buy all new appliances and a couch and pay cash! That will never happen again! But it feels good to know its not another "debt" that we'll be paying on! Love it!

Pictures to come soon! This week, I'm going to focus on making Becca's room HERS. Her's is about the only one that I can decorate right now!

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