Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wow! Did you think I forgot!?

Its been so long, I almost have!
It has been crazy busy since the last post. I can't believe that its been a month since I posted last!

The basement furniture actually came the week then expected it! Two days before Christmas! I was absolutely amazed. And then equally amazed when it fit down the basement stairs! I had some serious doubts it would. You would have thought everything was rubbed down with butter the way it just slid perfectly down the stairway!
Decorations still are not in place yet, but we have some wall art that is on its way and will make the whole thing just right! I have a project I need to get busy on with some old vintage Field & Stream magazines from the 60's that will become part of the art on the wall as well! Can't wait for that to come together either!

My dearly loved blue couch is not here yet. Was supposed to be in last week, but I haven't been called yet. I will be making the call now! lol.

Christmas came and went with wonder and amazement in watching Becca this year. She'll be turning 4 in March and I can't imagine life without her! She's my sunshine, and I reminder her everyday...several times a day actually!

I've loved being home with her during the day time, having that one on one time. However, starting tomorrow, she will be starting Preschool! I have so many mixed emotions about this! For starters...I'm having the same anxiety about leaving her in someone's care other than my own...just like when we took her to daycare when she was 4 months old! Silly I know! But Tim and I are both super excited that she will once again have some interaction with some friends her age. I think as much as she likes being home, she has also missed having friends her age.

She will be going to the Casa Montessori preschool in Cf. I am very interested and intrigued by the methods and manipulatives used to help the children learn at their own pace, rather than the pace a teacher may be forced to teach them because of curriculum rules.

Anyway. I promise to pay more attention to my blog again. Alot happening here and I will have pictures coming soon.

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