Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My promises are real! I promise!

Ok, so its been a month now that Becca started Preschool 3 days a week. You would think that I would have time to blog! Well...some times I do at times have a moment...but mostly its spent making this house our home!
My living room furniture came! Here are some pics in a mini tour...but come see it for yourself instead! Pictures don't do it justice!



Here it is, in all its glory! The long awaited dinning room table! Its ready for 6 at all times, but we can add another leaf and fit 8 very easily! I love it! And I love my hutch being a center piece like it was meant to be when my very talented Dad made it! I love that it will forever be in my family and will be Becca's when I'm gone. I still need to find some spring-y green for the basket on the left, but I'm happy with the effect I'm getting already!
This is a shot looking from the dinningroom/kitchen into the living room. Mom had this perfectly blue window that she no longer wanted to use and knew it would be perfect right here! She was right! Why do we doubt her? lol.

Thank God for storage! Let me say that ALL of this was in my entertainment center at the old house. This is not how it always looks. Give Becca just 30 minutes in her playroom after we pick it up and you might find 5 things left on the shelves. MIGHT.

This is her play area across for the shelves. She is found here playing in her kitchen playing restaurant or being a creative genius at her easel!

This vinyl wall art was ordered from UpperCaseLiving. Very cool stuff. Styles, words, designs, colors...all your choice. You can even create your very own!
The beautiful little frosted mirrored knobs on her dresser popped off during the move. These knobs were the perfect finishing touch on her nursery when she was a newborn. They were exquisitely girl-y. I do think now that something a bit more lively is in order for this punk! Exquisitely girl-y is just not her anymore! It really hadn't been added to my "Project" list yet. However, seeing this picture has changed that!

Ok, so thats what I've got for you at the moment!
The family room is complete now also, however a little monster with name the starts with B and ends in ecca has made a mess of it. So pictures will come soon.
The craft room is my next big project. I've finally gotten things put away or unpacked and into more permanent homes and ready to paint the "tween" right out of that room and make it a "clean and creative" space!


Kristi said...

Missy, you do a great job. I think you ahve missed your calling and should have people pay you to help them with their homes. Think about it!

Michelle said...

Your home looks beautiful!

I love the window..I have the perfect spot...and the window. Really it is an ingenious way to buffer the living room (TV)noise!

Kim -today's creative blog said...

thanks for posting!
Are those ceiling tiles above your couch? I like it.

Cari said...

I really like the shutter on the living room wall.