Thursday, February 4, 2010

In the mood.....booo-oy!

Ok, not really. But we're setting the stage for a Valentine's party Becca and I will be hosting next week! I've done a very similar craft last year for Easter if you have followed my other blog for that long. Easy peasy...

Here's what we used:
Clear contact paper
craft paint
embroidery floss
paper scraps

Here's what i did:
I took off the backing from the contact paper, and taped the contact paper to the table using blue tape. Sticky side up. Let'er loose! Becca painted with a passion, used scraps to just decorate and have fun. When she was finished decorating, and she was out of the room (her help was more of a hinder at this point!) I cut another piece of contact paper the same size, took of the backing and then laid it down on top of the first. Sticky side down.

I then took the creative liberty (or maybe it was the adult scissoring skill) to cut hearts out, punch holes and tie ribbon/thread and hang in our dinningroom! Great sun catchers (where there is sun), But it turns out the blinding light from the snow does the job also! lol.


Kristi said...

Love it you crafty lady, good job!

Kim said...

Love this idea! Great job.