Friday, February 12, 2010

Well, I had hoped to post pictures of a beautifully painted craft room, in Mellow Mood by Ace reflect the color and feeling I got when I looked at the cover of my latest Country Living (ps...thanks mom for the subscription!)

I love the Blue, I love the white, i love the pop of yellow, and even though the only pink actually in the room is a small vase of flowers, I love it as an accent as well.
Let me remind you what the room looks like now...Yep! Chocolate Brown, Fushia Pink and Crush Orange.

But that is not the end of the story. As took of outlet and switch cover plates, there is evidence that this room was at one point, the most shocking fluorescent green! It is very clear to me that the TWEEN that lived in this room before we bought the house, was given free creative rein! Wowy!

So...on Tuesday, I started to prime...and half way around the room, my step ladder (yeah, the one folded up against the crush orange wall in the pic above) tipped on me! As the step ladder tipped, I thought " I'm only 2 steps up. No biggy " So I quickly stepped off the ladder from 2 steps off. Figured I would step off rather than fall with the ladder and save the tray of white primer I had in my hand.


Yeah, I'm not as small as my mind's eye image of myself, and my Goddess Size body weight was too much form me left knee to handle from 2 steps up.


My knee quickly wanged (is that really a word....spell check doesn't think so) out to the left and I went down hard on the floor. My torso landing in a tote (one of the many in the pictures)my left leg completely crippled and a tray full of white primer down the front of my head.

Luckily Tim had come home by chance right before this happened. After assessing the situation for about 10 minutes, got me up off the floor, but not before we had determined that it was necessary to make our way to Urgent Care. After Xrays we were lucky to not find any broken bones, however they did put me in an immobilizer until swelling goes down and they can do more tests on Monday.
I did take two days off work to get used to wearing and walking with the immobilizer and let the pain subside a bit. But when I went back in yesterday to work, I found this on my desk! My coworkers love me and I love them! I'm amazed at the accuracy of their re-enactment!

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Kristi said...

Love the pictures for sure! I really hope your leg is doing okay Missy.