Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pencil Holder & Note holder!

I had this super spectacular idea to come up with a crafty and cute, yet handy caddy for pencils to help my Mom organize her desktop for Mother's Day. She is super helpful and always helping my family and my sister to cart around kids before and after school, helping me while I recovered from knee surgery and getting herself, My dad, and me to Dr's appointments the last couple of months. With all the appointments and responsibilities it became difficult to keep track of all the schedules. This homemade gift would be a perfect compliment to the Day Planner that I also got her for Mother's Day!

I started with a clean jar, cork, jute, fast drying craft glue and for something a little extra, a little picket fence!

Now...I apologize, as I am horrible at taking "in progress" pictures. But the steps are pretty easy to follow.
Measure the height of your jar you are covering. Cut the cork to that measurement and roll the cork around the jar, glueing as you go. I did two layers to give plenty of depth for pins/tacks to stick into later.

I have to admit. I wanted to just leave it with the cork only. However, I was so excited to get going that where the lip of the jar was smaller than the rest, it left a void between the cork and the lip and looked funny. So...what to do next? How can I fix this flub up?

JUTE! Wrapped it all in jute, then Hot glued the little picket fence around the container. I'm including two pictures of the finished product. Plain, and with Mom's "REMINDERS" to help her keep track of her day! Pretty enough to set on the kitchen counter, desk top or next to her chair with her pens and paper!

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Becolorful said...

thoughtful and cute. I'm not a stalker. I think I commented on one of your posts earlier today but then you left a comment and I wanted to say thanks. Your comment made ME happy.

As for the knee surgery, ACL? I had that about six years ago. my parents were fabulous too in carting kids around, taking me to PT. Parents, gotta love them.