Monday, May 3, 2010

For the love of all things louvered and weathered!

First of all... Kudos to my mom for the idea and to my Super fab Dad that put it together!

Dad tore down a barn several years ago and salvaged these out of the rafters I believe! Not knowing what to do with them at the time, but being smart enough to know not to toss them...he keeped them in the rafters of his own rafters. They are now lining my fence on the side of our house giving extra texture, height and color to my most shaded spot! But wanting to do more than just lean them up against the fence Mom came up with this idea.

Dad used 2 shutters, and cut them each midway up. He nailed them together at the corners and used a small block on the inside of the frame.

This is so we could put a false floor in the bottom (we put 2 bricks in the bottom incase a strong wind threatened to blow the piece over) and again about 6 1/2" from the top rim. (that measurement is so that I could place the fern pot down inside without seeing it. You could change this measurement to fit your containers. Both floors have a hole drilled for drainage as shown.

This is the finished peice! the height is just right so that if I wanted to hang something above it I still can!

Yep...thats me in the reflection!

I'm linking to Funky Junk's Saturnight Special! Click on the buttons and check out the other great projects! There is a whole section just for awesome shutter ideas!
Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special


Amy Kinser said...

Great idea. Love the way it looks. Good for your dad that he saved them.

I am partying with you tonight. Stop by if you have a chance.


olive and love said...

What a fantastic Idea for shutters! I've been spending LOTS of time with shutters personally here at my house. Check it out:

Lisa said...

What a fresh idea for shutters! Looks terrific.

Ginger said...

This weekend going to good wills to look for aome shutters love your idea (just so awesome! love the look of the stand)

Veronica said...

Your project has been featured at Veronica’s Korner. Please come by and pick up your Featured Button.

Coleen's Corner said...

Awesome! That is just amazingly cool!

Anonymous said...

I really liked your idea! I linked it to my "shutters" post today too!

England Furniture said...

What a great planter. Thanks for sharing this post.