Thursday, October 21, 2010

I love fall and all that comes with it!

Fall has arrived on Dyrnan Drive!

So I posted about Junk Bonanza and how incredibly awesome it was. Seriously. The atmosphere, the people, the junk,the deals, the laughs. Did I mention the junk?

Here's the junk that was in my trunk when I came home! Well, at least the biggest peice of junk. Not sure what it was or what it was meant to be...but its mine and
its F.I.N.E fine (to borrow from Aerosmith).

Here she all her galvanized goodness...naked from the inside. Well, except for sand to keep it from blowing over.

And now with some dried Switchgrass, seed heads and twigs from the yard painted red.

From goodness to glorious-ness! (is that a real word?)

Once I get my other peices out and into their new homes from the Junk trip, I will post those also! Thanks for visiting! I've linked to Shabby Chic Cottage's Transformation Thursday! Check out the rest of the amazing projects out there!

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