Monday, January 10, 2011

Fresh Start

My goodness! As much as I love the holidays, decorations, cheer and hustle and bustle, I was sooo over it much earlier than normal this year! So, needless to say, Christmas came down as soon as I could find the time...which still wasn't as early as I wanted it to be! Then it took me longer to normal to take it down after my Grandpa Don passed away and family dropped everything to do what we could from 1400 miles away!

I've been so inspired by Donna's style of natural, unfished or weathered textures over at Funky Junk Interiors, that I wanted to add a little of my own. I started with our entry that has been a little empty and not quit finished as I have envisioned since we moved in last fall. Here is a picture after the move and the addition of our monogram!

There was absolute Z.E.R.O. change made from that time last November, to this Christmas! So many other areas of the house to pay attention to! However, I added a bit at Christmas time with these super deals I found at target the day after Christmas last year! The pre-lit tree was on clearance for $14 and the large red tub for $12! That makes this girl happy!

I made the garlandfor the tree myself with just some cream embroidery floss, 1" punch and some two sided tape! Super simple and was easy to do infront of the tv!

This weekend however, I was able to gather some of my favorite pieces and
make a small natural vinette!

The large crate on the floor is something I snagged when a local grocery store when out of business. Picked a couple of the best ones that weren't rotten on the bottom and added some antique glaze too it to darken it up a bit. The lantern on top was the same one that housed aqua and silver christmas balls durring the holidays here. The other crate on the floor is a Planter's Peanut crate. It is completel closed up, never opened....except by the mouse that gnawed its way in. I should take a picture of the hole!

The egg print might be a litte springy for January, but I needed something that was neutral but heavy enough to balance everything. My husband's fishing hat joins the group in the upper left hanging from the coat hooks.

The two light green architechual pieces came home with me from a fabulous store in downtown Des Moines. I added an iron scroll piece to one and a chipboard stencil to the other. I put several layers on the chipboard to help it appear bronze like the frame and letter N below it. I think it turned out pretty swell if I do say so myself.

I'm very happy with it and even then spread the love to the livingroom bay window!

Natural makes me happy!


Katie @ EyeSpyDIY said...

Love the garland. Looks super easy and love crafts you can make in front of the tv! :)

{northern cottage} said...

oh yum - these displays are fantastic...I love the blend of vintage with good junk!

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

Such wonderful vignettes! You have a wonderful way of finding things that look really great together!

England Furniture said...

It looks like you enjoyed your "fresh start." The entry way design looks wonderful.