Saturday, November 27, 2010

Upcycled Magazine to a Christmas Tree!

So I was flipping around the internet and came across a video of Martha (yes that Martha) making Christmas Trees by recycling magazines! Hmmm. I sat and awe at the ease of this project (although time consuming) and decided I would use up one of the hundreds of magazines laying around.

This is a close up of the finished project, with the tutorial following! I will take a daylight photo and add it tomorrow!

Here is a prep-step: Bend the spine of the magazine so that it loosens up a bit. Push the pages back a couple at a time so that the book doesn't automatically close on you anymore. This will help your tree be full all the way around.

Step One: Starting with the cover, take the upper right corner and bend down and towards the spine. Continue through the entire magazine.

This is a picture of a completed step 1 on all pages. A big bushy tree.

Step Two:
The long edge of your angled page needs to be brought towards your spine again. Crease well.

Step Three
Turn your page (as shown below)

Take the extra piece at the bottom (I have no technical term for this floogy, other than floogy and then Im not even sure how to spell said term) and fold it up into ad under the previous folds.

Here is what it should look like after all folded in.

This shot was taken 1/2 way through the magazine on step 4!

Next, I sprayed it with my favorite Catalina spray paint and doused it with silver glitter. It took about 3 coats of spraying to cover. However I was honestly tempted to stop at just 2.

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial! Give it a try. This is a great project to complete while sitting infront of the tv!


4 Leaf Clever said...

This is cute!! Thanks for sharing this wonderful idea! I found you on Be different Act normal!

Tanya said...

Turned out great...I'm making about 14 of these trees for my hubby's work. Very time consuming, but aren't they great to look at! =)