Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Book Bags for Sprout Preschool!

I've been busy with a lot of organizing bookfairs, fundraisers an event I will be holding called Kids Night Out and now book bags! In the weeks since surgery this is how I have assumed my pose! lol. This is my life. Foot up, wrapped and itchy! Laptop near buy and either crusinin this wonderul web for inspiration, or keepingup with by besties!

So yesterday I finalized my design that would be stenciled on the canvas bags and today, while my punk was at busy!

I started with the "Sprout" which is the logo of our church's the same name! I wanted to incorporate our logo in with installing the love of reading into our children. Here is what I came up with just on Microsoft Word because I don't have any of the fancy photo editing software. Old school I tell ya!

I got out my freezer paper which I've been hearing all over blogland works like a charm for making stencils. I traced my pattern, then using a craft knife carefully cut it out!

I used my iron on a cotton setting to adhere the freezer paper shiny side down to the canvas bags, then proceeded to paint on the fabric paint!

10 Bags later, here they are!

I'm very happy with them and believe they will be a fun addition to the classrooms at Sprout Preschool!

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